VAIO®️ E 15 – The Blessing of Victory

Powered by AMD RyzenTM mobile processors, VAIO®️ E15 model offer an uncompromised performance, as well as an ergonomic form factor and lightweight design.

E15 is designed to provide work-and-play support for energetic consumers, meeting the needs of a generation who place emphasis on the ‘slash’ lifestyle - wherein smart design, accommodating functionality and all-in-one-device convenience are paramount.

2300Mhz RAM

Silky Smooth Working and Gaming Experience

The all-new VAIO® E series is the first VAIO® to be equipped with AMD Ryzen™ processors and Radeon™ VEGA graphics cards. In addition, having high-efficiency hardware guarantee an enjoyable gaming and audio-visual experience.

The AMD Ryzen™ processor is able to learn, predict and adapt to your ways of working, bringing to you the best performance for intensive computing and graphics design. The AMD Radeon™ VEGA graphics card coupled with the latest multimedia support brings incredibly quick, powerful and smooth image control. Such exceptional performance allows you to work, game, edit videos and conduct live broadcast at ease!

Natural Slanting Angle.
Incredibility Handy

The VAIO® E series adopts a unique sunken hinge design, which relies on ergonomics to come up with the most comfortable position to work. When flipping open the screen, the laptop and the desk forms a natural slanting angle, allowing your wrists to rest comfortably. This thoughtful design dramatically reduces the burden on the palm and wrist while increasing airflow to enhance heat dissipation efficiency, thereby making work more efficient.

Ultra-long Battery Life.
Enjoy Every Moment

The VAIO® E series giving you full support with work and leisure. Thanks to the slim design of VAIO® E15. Equipped with a 16:9 full HD IPS anti-glare LCD screen with ultra-narrow bezels, it provides a wider screen ratio. The device is easy to carry around, fits in perfectly with your active lifestyle while allowing you to enjoy every wonderful moment.

Starting from
1.77 KG
Up to
8 Hours
Battery Life

All-rounded Connection.Wider coverage

The VAIO® E series may have a slim body but it is cleverly designed to accommodate a variety of connection options. It includes 2 USB Type-A ports, an USB Type-C, an HDMI port, a headphone port, a microphone port and supports microSD card reader. There is no need to bring an external adapter and you can connect seamlessly with various devices and accessories. VAIO® E caters to your different needs for work, gaming and multimedia production. 

Taken together, the line-up inspires a bold direction for young lifestyle users who appreciate premium-brand products but who prefer to live a decluttered life, walking as they do an exciting line between work and play: the always-on ‘slash’ lifestyle of passion and limitless expression.